Thursday, 15 November 2007

Far too much plastic

OK both Stuart and Becky have blogged on this already, but I have been meaning to for a while, honest.

I'm delighted with the proposal to ban or at least levy plastic bags.

When I was at University first time around I always used my college bag or even my large rucksack to do my shopping, prompted partly by the fact that Kwik Save, my local supermarket, charged 3p per plastic bag - I'm tight ok.

However since I have been back at home I've been a bit more remiss.

I've been collecting plastic bags like it's going out of fashion.

I say collecting, because we have a nifty amnesty holder at home that keeps your plastic bags for re-using - but we very rarely re-use them, we're always forgetting.

On top of that we have a Marks and Spencers re-usable bag and two Waitrose (my Mum's gone quite posh with her shopping these days) ones!

Needless tyo say we hardly ever remember to take them out with us.

So I'm hoping that this new ban or levy will let us use the dam things up and maybe I can dig out my rucksack again.

A bit of stick never did anybody any harm.

At least not where the planets concerned.

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