Sunday, 4 November 2007

What can £1.31 buy you these days?

I'm on campus again today finishing off my shiny new website and waiting for Melissa to come and have a look at it.

I've been overspending a bit recently, so I came into campus today armed with a travelcard and £1.31 in loose change.

At about 11.30 I took a break and wandered into town in search of a coffee.

The coffee shop I like was selling most things at over £2.00.

My £1.31 could have bought me a peach flavoured ice tea for £1.30...

So I decided to check out Debenhams.

Their coffee shop was similar and in fact had nothing for £1.30, but then I tried the Restaurant...

At first I was tempted by the £1.30 Iced Donut, but I thought I better check the drinks.

Low and behold at Debenhams Restaurant I could buy a whole pot of tea for £1.30.

So that's what I settled on.

One small pot of tea with heaps of sugar and milk.


And I've still got a penny...

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