Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Something pongs...

I am going to scream if I see another celebrity perfume!

Though it's Christmas now so I might be safe.

Why does anyone think that I want to smell like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss or even Kylie - and I used to kind of like Kylie Minogue...

And Nicole, I think you're great but I see that damn Chanel ad one more time..!

Why would I buy a celebrity perfume?

What do celebrities knonw about perfume?

Apart from how to put it on...

I put on perfume that doesn't mean I can design a sodding fragrance!

Ok, I'm obviously more pissed off about this than I realised.

I don't even use much perfume I keep my bottles for years, ok maybe that was giving away too much.

Thankfully no one bought me any, the only smelly thing I have is a Lush box.

And no I don't buy B's perfumes, though I have been tempted by Lady Boy - and that's not advertised.

Funny that.

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