Monday, 29 September 2008


So George Osborn is talking tough on city fat cats: is it just me that feels it doesn’t ring true?

I am not a fan of New Labour and the party may have lost a great deal of the faith in them I had in 1997 but I still trust them more to steer us through this financial crisis.

The Conservatives have always been the party of power.

And by that I mean that all they are interested in is power.

I was not surprised in my university years when I was told a certain campus Tory had a timeline on his wall leading him to Number 10.

They will say anything that they think will be popular but when the chips are down they are the party of aggressive capitalism.

Most of them still idolise Thatcher and her era and when they attack big bonuses I find it hard to believe them.

I’m biased I know but I don’t think the Conservatives have suddenly become the party to safe guard the Welfare State or any of the institutions and beliefs that I hold dear to my heart.

Sorry George I think your nose is growing.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ruth Kelly's departure speech

Ruth Kelly really got my attention with her comments on going out late at night.

Now again I am left with a funny feeling reading a phrase from her speech from Wednesday:

"I've relied on the support of my family and friends and I now think it's time to take a step back and repay them for the support that they have given me" courtesy of the BBC.

I don't want to criticise what she is saying, it has the warm sincerity of the thank yous of the best of Oscar acceptance speeches, I'm just intrigued that she is being so open.

I can't help but think: would a male politician say these words?

Would they stand up and admit that part of their success was built on depending on other people?

Would they give this as a reason for stepping down?

Would they mean it?

I have no answers only questions but I can't remember a male MP stepping down for these reasons.

Though the jaded side of me mutters at this point that she can cite any reason, it doesn't make it true.