Friday, 21 December 2012

They've won a little bit

I get angry.

Sometimes I get really, really, really devastatingly angry.

And it's not because I'm a bad person, or because I don't have the capacity to love, or, and I'm going to write this in bold letters, BECAUSE I WAS BORN WITH SIN.

(Also, it's interesting that sin means without in spanish, so I just want to be really clear that I'm not being exotic here)

But because sometimes the world really blimin winds me up!

I try

I spend a LONG time sometimes trying to be super, super, super nice and polite even when I think that systems, and I want to be clear about this, systems that I am confronted with are MORONIC.

Problem with that is, eventually, I completely bloody crack and use every expletive known to man and woman and get a bit god damn aggressive.

And self righteous, and self absorbed and all the things that I can not stand in human beings.

When all I really want to be saying is:

Put me in the right situation and I am the most demure creature known to man, but believe me you can't be demure all the time.

Someone to love

At this point I would like to say thank you.

To Josie Long, for making me smile at the end of a day of utter, utter rage and frustration.

I still had one of the best nights ever when I saw you live, although I was a little taken aback at you asking me to stop hitting you as a humanitarian act, I just couldn't stand you beating yourself up.

You are exceptional at staying upbeat.


I don't know how you do it, I err distinctly on the depressive side.

(And if anyone offers me happy pills one more time I will definitely scream in their face)

I feel dispondent at the moment too.

And I also feel heart broken.

If I was an idiot I could probably rationally describe heart break, but I am a thinking, feeling, breathing human being and as such I hope to be understood when I say "heart broken".

Heart break is not just about romance, but believe me both the romantic and world loving sides of my heart are torn apart.

I have been trying to fix both sides.

Monday, 17 December 2012

I hear you


Is chiming with how I'm feeling at the moment.

Physical things have gone missing from my own space at the moment and it's making me see all kinds of red.

Lady in video, if you wish for more credit then please get in touch.

Happy to add your name.

I do not steal material intentionally, if you feel I have tell me.

And I do not take people's things.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The letter of the law

(An adaptation of a comment into a half fiction)

A child is missing.

I am many steps removed from her family, so I am going to say something quite difficult.

They shouldn't be releasing pictures of the man that is accused for her disappearance.

Fine, if they find him guilty, then show his picture.

But he is still only accused at this point.

 I may not want him on the streets, but I do not want to see his face.

Any crime involving children sends people into a hysterical frenzy, in a way, somewhat understandably.

However, in succumbing to hysteria innocent people get hurt.

It has been proved time and again.

 Name check: Diplock courts, The 2006 terrorism act and detention without trial.

When are we going to learn from history?

La la la la I'm not listening anymore

I feel broken inside.

Every time it seems that I try to do something positive it turns to shit.

So, shall I just stop trying?

There's this saying that my Dad taught me, that roughly goes "You can please some of the people, some of the time and most of the people, all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

It currently feels like no one can be pleased.

And you know who one of the bravest and strongest person I know is, my old house mate.

She has a baby now and I really bloody miss her.

But she does have a beautiful baby girl.

 She's not the only strong person that I know.

And when I say strong I do not mean that she can bench press 150 whoever cares.

I mean that she gives me strength and hope and enthusiasm.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Another kind of rememberance

I didn't post this on remembrance Sunday because it was one of those days, but looking at it, it seems appropriate. A blank space. Silence.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

In praise of thought

I was reading University challenge by Jonathan Derbyshire.

It brought me back to a question that had long exercised me in the past (he makes some very eloquent points).

How do we look at the value of a University education?

 It is often couched in monetary terms.

And increasingly when I look at how long it has taken me to pay back my loan, and I'm still not quite there yet, I find it hard not to look at it in these terms also.

 The promised 'graduate' pay packet hasn't exactly materialised, or at least my expectation of what this would give me in material terms is quite negligible and fleeting.


But over this last year I have realised something else.

Despite time spent protesting I have never thrown any rocks, though the rage building up inside is significant.

 I have not burnt any books or magazines, despite inwardly and occasionally outwardly crying at some of their content (and I do mean that).

I have not plundered shops.

I do not feel that I am a paragon of Ghandi like peace either, or much of a saint.

I feel sometimes less educated now than I was before I started.  

Do you want what I've got?

But somewhere along the way, at school, at university I built up a value system and the capacity for reasoned and independent thought.

And by and large that independent thought has led me in some positive directions, not always, but often.

I try to, though I don't always succeed, measure my opinions of a person more slowly.

And I feel that prejudice will always be with us and in some ways I'm not entirely sure that is a bad thing.

If people didn't keep calling me English, when I identify as British (my family stretch around the British isles) it wouldn't have given me a pride in the elements of my culture that derive from welsh lilts and Scottish poetry.

If I wasn't assured that girls couldn't do this, that or the other I wouldn't have been so keen to prove them wrong.

Hell if I hadn't been overlooked and marked as stupid so many times...

Would I have ever tried this damn hard to impress you all?  

Hidden blood

Admittedly then I might have let up a bit and not worked myself into exhaustion time and time over.

But all those pieces of paper with high marks and those precious two degrees with a 2.1 and a merit.

I earned those and hopefully I earned something so much more than money along the way.

I earned respect.

I may have lost some too, it happens.

But I've finally got enough self respect to say.

P*** off if you don't value me.

I value me.

I'm not killing my soul anymore unless you give me a DAMN GOOD REASON.  

Unfortunately, my opinion

By the way, this blog earns me no profit, I'm not using the ad sense thing.

Hence why I reckon it's pants, I'm not getting paid diddly squat for it.

And that there readers is an unedited rant.

Something you'll be getting a lot more of if you don't pay for content.

I'm tired, I should have gone to bed ages ago, so I guess there's that blood again.

Do you want to value me or just put me to sleep again?


I know who said that, therefore, he still lives.

Isn't that precious?

Oh well.


2012 bibliography in order of preference (aside from papers, magazines, job adverts(!) etc):

Persepolis so tender, so true

The Help inspirational, beautifully woven and elucidating

The Princess Bride there are so many reasons why this book is lovely

Small Island (near the end, not there yet)

Some Sartre, surprisingly like Husserl hence it being lower and me not reading all of it

The Alchemist so sweet, but too sweet

Just started Pure looks like it's going to upset me, so I'm only three chapters in

One about life in New York, honestly it was upsetting me so much I've misplaced it and forgotten the title.

(I'll get back to it, I'm stubborn like that)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Are you waiting for your partner?


I don't know what you make of that word.

It seems to have been adopted as the innocuous term to describe someone you are seeing.

Only, well, it's more irritating than innocuous.

No, this is not my partner, I do not have a business operation with them, I am not planning a bank heist and we don't spend our lives dancing either.

Yet those are the images that are brought to mind when I think about the term partner.

It also suggests a kind of never ending boardroom meeting.  

The alternative

Can you not just use their name?

I don't mind if you've forgotten their name, that happens, just use their sodding name.

 I have no idea if husband or fiancĂ©e are fraught with the same difficulties, but I would imagine so, because, labels, they're a bit rubbish.

Necessary sometimes, but rubbish.

Then again they do serve as warnings of status: please don't sleep with that one we're married and I'm not a swinger...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The beauty of ugliness

This is quite lovely.

Frighteningly hypnotic, but lovely.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Shocking pictures of royalty

Er, these pictures of Miss Kate Middleton...

I haven't seen them.

Probably because:

The Sun said they were "grossly intrusive pictures that no decent British paper would touch with a bargepole". (Drawn from

A little strange that the paper happy to print ladies with bare breasts on the third page, every day, should say this.


I guess I should start reading all the papers and pondering and purring and pronouncing more regularly, but no one gives a damn anyway, so...

The idea of intrusion is a weird one.

I've just been listening to Ian Hislop on the radio talking about privacy.

I think he thinks that privacy is only there for the powerful and having read some law text books on the subject and the costs involved I think he might well be right.

Protecting everyone

However, protecting them does in some small way also protect us, because it gives rise to a cultural conversation.

Asking whether people should have been taking these pictures of Kate Middleton and whether other people should have subsequently printed them does I think make us look at our own moral values and how we treat people that don't have the money to sue us.

We should be asking these questions and we should be thinking about it.

I still don't think that we should be naming and shaming people for anti-social behaviour when that definition seems to touch upon behaviour that I just don't think are anti-social.

Big leap I know, but worth thinking about.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tempting tempestuousness

The Old Vic hosted a scintillating night of poetry headlined by Kate Tempest.

Two energetic comperes opened and directed the show.

Azir Ahmed opened the poetry with humour and sound word-smithery.

Raising dry smiles with close to the bone truths.

Not bad for a man who described himself after the performance as a 'tag along'.

Feminist rhyme

Hollie McNish, who has already made herself known to me on the radio with the poem Wow, kicked things into a more feminine head space.

A more loving, powerful and inspiring poem about a daughter I cannot bring to mind.

The rest of her set also marked her out as more than a one trick pony.

Say it with rhythm

David J truly earned the right to his name, The Vocal Pugilist, with a performance not only heart warming and beautifully woven, but skillfully and inventively spun with beat box effects.

The night offered politics, poignancy, life and laughs woven in poems and stories in a heady mix to soothe the soul and lift the heart.

I would love to mention all the warm up acts by name as they all have a great deal of talent, but I need to get onto the main event.

The lady in question

Kate Tempest, a lady of promisingly expanding renown who still seems to be chuffed to bits to be here as she launched her new book Everything Speaks.

She presented a collection of the mythical and the personal with a warmth, humour and enthusiasm to charm any cynic.

This exuberance unfortunately meant that she lost her flow a little, but she gained it back in style and kept everyone smiling.

Surprises and emotion

Smiling so much in fact that she even won an unsought marriage proposal.

I don't think I've ever seen her bow her head or blush before.

A wonderful evening, a standing ovation and an emotional roller coaster.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We care about disability, no really, we do...

So the paralympics is about to kick off.

Billboards are thanking the able for the warm-up.

It is at this point that I find this update on the Together2012 website, saying:

Please note that the activities planned for London Pleasure Gardens during the Paralympics have been CANCELLED due to the closure of the venue.


I thought we were meant to be celebrating all that disabled people had to offer.

So do we do this by closing venues and messing up that celebration?


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympics euphoria

Obviously a big up to all the Olympic athletes.

But spare a thought for:

You will love her, I do.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Snuffing out the competition

I was unexpectedly invited out to watch a punk band in Camden.

All there really is to say is: they were blinding.

However, I will elaborate.

Going in blind

Due to the unexpected nature of this journey I will have to admit I had no idea what I was about to see.

Turns out it was to see a band called Snuff.

It seems they have been going for something like forever.

And with good reason.

They are tight, inventive, fun and just down right impressive.

Good feeling

All this time listening to slightly pained wank on the radio and I could have been seeking solice in bands like this, oh well.

It brightened up my day, week, month, possibly even year.

And Snuffites, if you think that's being full of shit: fuck you.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tony Blair's ghost

Stop the War Coalition organised a demonstration of roughly 30 people today outside Methodist Central Hall Westminster.

The protesters started to assemble at 4pm, when Tony Blair was due to arrive.

There was no sign of Tony Blair at the front door where the protesters were assembled.

They displayed protest signs with the word 'Bliar' emblazoned across them.

Photo by Sebastiaan Hamming

Call for accountability

Stop the War see the demonstration as part of keeping up the pressure on Blair to stand trial for his part in the Iraq war.

The chants of "Tony Blair War Criminal" and "Tony Blair to the Hague" were indicative of this goal.

There were almost as many police at the protest as there were protesters.

The demonstration began to disperse at 5.30pm.

For information on images:

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamonds are... today

Hey ho, we've hit the Royal Jubilee.

I'm not a royalist, but well, it's going on isn't it?

And Britain being Britain, it rained.

So, I watched some rather wet royals and a f*&% load of boats.

So yeah, the Jubilee was all right, I think I had more fun at the last one.

Got a bit boring after a bit, so I went off and made some bake stones.

What I saw in short was: look, look, there's the Queen looking Queen like, and there, there's a boat, and um, look, an enthused presenter.

There was a lot more red than I was expecting and some very wet singers, a big hats off to them, but well, there's not much else to say.

Shirley Bassey is singing tomorrow, that could be fun.

Happy diamond day everyone.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A box of great music

I found myself at a venue in Dalston the other day to see another gig.

I couldn't stay for the whole evening.

So, I saw two of the acts.

Musical boxes

Box of Ghosts were one of them.

Their sound was sumptious, soulful and rhythmic.

These guys have a lot of energy and mysticism, they draw you in with an intriguing and varied sound that haunts as well as excites.

Figure it out

They were followed by a set from Figures.

In Velo they produced the perfect sounds to drift into on a warm summer evening in a classy bar.

I could have believed that I was on the continent and not in the UK.

I left reluctantly with a smile on my face.


When the News of the World ceased operation I was stunned.

I would have thought that I would be pleased, in a way I was, but there was a sense of what was coming out was too horrible to contemplate.

Now I watch Tony Blair giving his account to Leveson and it all seems a little like a charad.

I feel there is a strong sense of agenda management going on.

Blood on both hands if you like.

A good example?

It has also made me think more about this blog.

Have my blog posts been suitably clear in their statements of fact and opinion?

I don't want to be a section of the media that makes the world a more maddening place.

Yet increasingly I feel I struggle to find an example that I want to follow.

Maybe the idea of following is where I am going wrong.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Savaging it up...

I tripped myself off to see the Savage Nomads played their single launch of tension in the middle at the Notting Hill Arts Club the other day.

I have to say their door policy is infuriating, having to always have an ID handy even when you are well over age and then get it scanned as well smacks more of surveillance culture than a good time.

Anyway, let's hope the venue see the light, there are plenty of others that only require you to have ID on you, slightly less gestapo.  

The Wholls

Before the nomads were up it was the turn of The Wholls, who warmed up into something quite special.

 They were a little bit Arctic Monkeys lyrics wise, with initially only a few more musical breaks and twangs of Mexican flavour.

Their playing was tight and proficient.

Early on it was not inspirational, but solid.

The main guitarist when he played reminded me of Finley Quaye.

They later burst into a entertaining and lively Mexican wide boy mash up called Emily.  


There was testostorone everywhere by the time the Nomadic lads came on.

They've added a little to their repetoire since last I saw them, many eons ago, there are guitar songs woven with more orchestration.

 They also have a new keyboardist with a trumpet, a big thumbs up to that development, especially the trumpet.

On one new track there was a jazzy vibe that was far out of character and Billy's drumming in this really shines.

Surprise cover

They even snuck in a Paul Simon cover out of the blue.

The Savage Nomads are definitely growing in a really good way.

Hats off.

Friday, 18 May 2012

To ban or not to ban

I found an 'uncut' version of the fantasia pastoral symphony.

There are some highly offensive depictions of black centaurs.

The person that has posted the YouTube clip is encouraging the film to be enjoyed 'in the spirit of the time'.

I find this idea deeply disturbing.

What it has taught me about the 'time' is that in it Disney's moral compass was way off.

The poster is expecting to be banned.

Should it be banned?

Child's eye view

It exposes how reprehensible Disney's depictions used to be and shows to me how this individual's judgement is skewed.

However, would it appear this way to a child?

Should we be taking this post down to protect innocent eyes.

I know that when I was young I saw the censored version.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Why when there is so much to say

Everything is blowing up around me.

Institutions that I thought were here to stay forever are shifting and disappearing in turn.

Yet I find that so much is happening that the words come far less easily.

So, apologies if this blog is more silent than it has been.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The votes are in

Boris has won the London mayoral race, again, but it was a tight run thing.

Boris Johnson gained a total of 1, 054, 811 votes, or 51. 5 per cent, to Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate's, 48.5 per cent in the race for mayor.

Those that went to the polls were still disappointingly low in number according to the BBC.

All those silent voices upset me, if you want them to represent you, you need to vote.

It is no surprise given the state of the country's finances and the levels of youth unemployment, but saddening none the less.

Labour now holds a majority in the assembly, having upped their vote by four seats, the Conservatives have lost two but still retain a sizable minority, the BNP have thankfully been ousted from the chamber - long may they be kept out of politics.

Let's see what forthcoming year's bring.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Voting for the London assembly

So, I've voted and you know what it felt good.

Not because I feel that it will make everything magically perfect, but because I'm saying I want to be part of something.

I want to be involved in what happens in my city.

It doesn't always mean that I'll have time to help with everything.

A wounded city

If I find myself in the middle of another riot I won't necessarily be there with a broom the next day to clear up all the mess.

But the fact that there has been rioting in the areas that I care about has concerned and saddened me and I want to vote for the people who I think also care.

Not the ones that think flinging accusations around and getting heavy handed is the answer, but the ones that recognise there is a serious problem that needs fixing.

Often I feel I am not a large enough part of the solution, but I want to help and that's a good start.


I also live in a country that seems wise enough to allow people a say in how their world is governed, I am privileged and I want to be a part of that process.

So if you live in London, this is your chance to say something in some small way about where you would like our future to develop.

You don't have to smash everything up.

Just put a few crosses in a few boxes.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Just read

An Arab woman's blues, my heart fell further.

Decision time again London

London goes to the polls on thursday to decide on the mayor and the london assembly.

I have never felt so negative about a vote.

I am not fired up, I don't feel that I am going to be able to change anything.

I feel flat.

Maybe it's because despite his idiocy I feel that Boris Johnson will win again.

When he got in I was crest fallen to say the least, even though part of me expected it.

Now with two far right candidates standing and conversations of apathy all around me I fear that nothing will ever get better.

We will present our city to the world with a man that I despise and for whom I have no respect.

I think I know who I will vote for, but I've given up trying to persuade anyone.

Everyone seems to like living in this inequitable, money obsessed and dehumanising city with a man that wants the congestion charge to shrink by the second and has the nerve to use language you don't even hear in BNP party political messages.

London I love you, Boris I hate you, please vote.

Politics is not a dirty word.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

John Wean rock

I know this comes a little from the left field, but I love these guys.

I love that it's simple, Scottish and sensitive.

Of course, the men in my life don't agree.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oi, Titanic, no!

If I am to cast my mind back over many years I can visualise myself in a Putney cinema slowly developing pins and needles watching a very long film.

That film was Titanic.

And, joy of joys they are bringing it out again and inviting me to part with my cash to watch the whole thing again in the cinema.

There may be those who are delighted at this opportunity and I shouldn't begrudge them their joy.

Easy money

Apart from I can't help but feel that this is a money making ploy by a major studio.

Lacking in any sure fire blockbusters?

Re-make an old blockbuster, but oh no wait we could just re-release a film that has already had it's time at the cinema and make loads of money with no effort, result.

Maybe it serves me right for just going and getting so old that a film that I watched in my youth is now considered retro, or whatever.

Where has creativity gone

I love going to the cinema.

I love watching films.

But I mainly love it because it offers a new story, a new proxy adventure, some new artwork.

Only at my most moody am I watching and re-watching old classics.

When it comes to Titanic I didn't feel it was a classic when I first watched it and I had no burning desire to watch it again, I just wanted to get out of the cinema to pace up and down and work the cramp out of my leg.

If you've never been before, then sure, go along.

But all I'm promising you is your leg potentially siezing up.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Is money all it takes to make policy?

So the Cruddas affair has come to a rather predictable conclusion.

The truth is I wasn't even shocked when I heard the news, in truth I had simply been waiting for it to happen.

Boris Johnson seems incapable of picking advisers with any moral integrity: why should it be better further up the Conservative food chain?

Money may make the world go around, but must it eradicate all principle and integrity from the world that we live in!

At times like this it seems so.

Peter Cruddas has gone, as well he should.

Call me biased, but I'm just waiting for the next money related scandal.

Although, on an optimistic note, the 50p tax sounds like a good idea.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

You're not fat, you're phenomenal

One of my friends has been writing about her thoughts about being fat.

I have always thought that she looks great.

And again I was reminded of the Maya Angelou poem phenomenal woman.

Every woman should read this and feel proud of their body.

A sad day for health

My soul burnt a little less brightly today:

Saturday, 17 March 2012

NHS bill protests continue

Around 100 people gathered to protest outside the Department of Health building in Whitehall at 2.30 pm today.

The demonstration was organised by a mish mash of small campaiging groups, including Health Alarm and Keep Our NHS Public, who have come together to protest against the NHS bill that is currently going through parliament.

Again there was vocal remonstration about the fact that the TUC have failed to follow up the huge protests in March with similar protests in defence of the NHS.

Some of those I spoke to cited the TUC links with the labour party for their lack of action.

At 3pm Occupy arrived to join the demonstration in their characteristic masks.

The demonstration was peaceful and everyone dispersed by 4pm.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BBC human chain coverage

Just thought I'd provide a link to the BBC's coverage of yesterday's demonstration.

Human chain round St Thomas' - EYEWITNESS

A human chain surrounded St Thomas' hospital today at lunch time in protest at the current bill that is going through Parliament, in spite of heavy rain.

100s of people gathered from 12 o'clock, in a downpour, to protest against the government's actions.

Unite, PCS and Keep Our NHS Public all had a presence at the protest.

At roughly 2 o'clock the protesters dispersed to cross the bridge to the Houses of Parliament and lobby the government.

Keep Our NHS Public believe that: "Lansley's parliamentary Bill, dressed as up as a simple reform, threatens to destroy the NHS by stealth."

One protester said that she was disappointed by her union, Unite, who she felt had not done enough to protest against the bill early enough.

She said her group Health Alarm hoped to try and link up the movement that she felt was growing against the bill.

The protesters remained at time of writing outside the house.

More protests are planned for the rest of the day.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Leave our NHS alone!

38 degrees, an internet campaigning organisation, have just passed their £300,000 total to start a poster campaign to attack the NHS bill that the government are still trying to push through Parliament.

The campaigning poster reads:

“Dear Mr Cameron: You’re making a big mistake with the NHS.

Please, please listen to us.” Dr Brigid Sheppard.

The billboard campaign launched today.

More than 130 huge billboards are going up in London, with more to follow in high streets across the country.

Over 20,000 38 Degrees members have chipped in over £300,000 to make this happen.

Hopefully the extent of this campaign will make the government see how unpopular and ill advised this bill has proven.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Blinded by Brother and Bones

I found myself at The Borderline to watch a rather longer and more sultry set by MOYA.

Her accompanist on this occasion was Tom Figgins and he did a lovely job.

However tonight's main event were something of note.

Brother and Bones was introduced to me as a cross between Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon.

I disagree, they put me in mind more of more classic 1960s folk rocked up in a sensory explosion.

These guys are tight as, it's scary to think how much they've been practising.

More than just a pretty face

Do not be fooled by the Aragon look alike front man, this isn't just a group of pretty boys.

Some tracks can err on the more generic folk rock end, but as a whole it was a blinding set, I haven't stamped my foot so hard in a long time.

To older listeners they may prove on the derivative side, but they certainly know how to rock a joint, the atmosphere for both acts buzzed like a randy bee.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ok nerd, speak

I went to the festivalof the spoken nerd the other night.

I was told it would be geek comedy, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

The spoken nerd wasn't really comedy in the traditional sense, it was more an excited collection of cool old toys and pretty funny indie style songs.

I did laugh, I did enjoy myself, but it put me more in mind of fringe theatre than Live at the Apollo.

We were invited into a world of silly cuteness, that reminded me mostly of what it was like to be seven in a good science lesson.

Star Turn

I was invited onto the stage twice thanks mainly to the place that I was sitting.

It was not too embarassing and quite fun, but I did feel thoroughly stupid.

I don't know, all these clever people.


The normal style comedian called Tiffany that they had on was less of a highlight, she warmed up but you could feel her nerves and she often misjudged her audience.

But I would definitely go again it was a great giggle and left me returning home with an spring in my wintery step.

Nerd on, spoken nerd, nerd on.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A modern angel

I find myself at The Bedford, a beautiful local pub with an amazing Sunday roast, but I digress.

I'm here to see MOYA, a new up and coming artists with eclectic class: all fedora, long skirts and crocheted tops, and I hate doing clothes descriptions.

MOYA's set is paired down and acoustic with only one accompanist playing keyboard and guitar.

Her set starts with Heroine, truly a song to break the heart, delivered in a fragile yet soulful voice that almost whispers at points, while still packing a soul styled punch.

The set casts a spell, at times more jazzy, but always captivating.

All comes to a close with the song Walk Away and I find that's the last thing that I want to do.

It is only left to raise a glass to MOYA and her warm ringing tones.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Posh food pithy prices

In these 'times of austerity' I find I'm rooting through toptable again in search of reasonably priced gastronomic explosions.

There are a dizzing array of eateries offering offers, but somehow I'm not inspired.

Maybe it's the cold limiting my food choice to 'somewhere near by', or maybe it's the fact I haven't gone out for a posh meal in so long that I've forgotten what to look for.

Toptable is amazing, I really rate it as a site and a concept, but it does have it's pitfalls.

You can't literally click on a street and say: "there, tell me about the food options just there".

But then maybe this is the problem with the internet world, we've become so used to options on a mouse click that if it isn't spelt out for us in big red letters within the first 10 seconds we lose interest and give up.

We no longer walk the streets with our eyes and ears open looking for what new things the world has to offer, instead we stare at computer screens, get irrate and go nowhere.

Well I'm going somewhere, because the house gets dull, y'know.

I'm off to The Three Stags, where it's warm, friendly and tasty.

Viva la local!