Monday, 28 May 2012

A box of great music

I found myself at a venue in Dalston the other day to see another gig.

I couldn't stay for the whole evening.

So, I saw two of the acts.

Musical boxes

Box of Ghosts were one of them.

Their sound was sumptious, soulful and rhythmic.

These guys have a lot of energy and mysticism, they draw you in with an intriguing and varied sound that haunts as well as excites.

Figure it out

They were followed by a set from Figures.

In Velo they produced the perfect sounds to drift into on a warm summer evening in a classy bar.

I could have believed that I was on the continent and not in the UK.

I left reluctantly with a smile on my face.


When the News of the World ceased operation I was stunned.

I would have thought that I would be pleased, in a way I was, but there was a sense of what was coming out was too horrible to contemplate.

Now I watch Tony Blair giving his account to Leveson and it all seems a little like a charad.

I feel there is a strong sense of agenda management going on.

Blood on both hands if you like.

A good example?

It has also made me think more about this blog.

Have my blog posts been suitably clear in their statements of fact and opinion?

I don't want to be a section of the media that makes the world a more maddening place.

Yet increasingly I feel I struggle to find an example that I want to follow.

Maybe the idea of following is where I am going wrong.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Savaging it up...

I tripped myself off to see the Savage Nomads played their single launch of tension in the middle at the Notting Hill Arts Club the other day.

I have to say their door policy is infuriating, having to always have an ID handy even when you are well over age and then get it scanned as well smacks more of surveillance culture than a good time.

Anyway, let's hope the venue see the light, there are plenty of others that only require you to have ID on you, slightly less gestapo.  

The Wholls

Before the nomads were up it was the turn of The Wholls, who warmed up into something quite special.

 They were a little bit Arctic Monkeys lyrics wise, with initially only a few more musical breaks and twangs of Mexican flavour.

Their playing was tight and proficient.

Early on it was not inspirational, but solid.

The main guitarist when he played reminded me of Finley Quaye.

They later burst into a entertaining and lively Mexican wide boy mash up called Emily.  


There was testostorone everywhere by the time the Nomadic lads came on.

They've added a little to their repetoire since last I saw them, many eons ago, there are guitar songs woven with more orchestration.

 They also have a new keyboardist with a trumpet, a big thumbs up to that development, especially the trumpet.

On one new track there was a jazzy vibe that was far out of character and Billy's drumming in this really shines.

Surprise cover

They even snuck in a Paul Simon cover out of the blue.

The Savage Nomads are definitely growing in a really good way.

Hats off.

Friday, 18 May 2012

To ban or not to ban

I found an 'uncut' version of the fantasia pastoral symphony.

There are some highly offensive depictions of black centaurs.

The person that has posted the YouTube clip is encouraging the film to be enjoyed 'in the spirit of the time'.

I find this idea deeply disturbing.

What it has taught me about the 'time' is that in it Disney's moral compass was way off.

The poster is expecting to be banned.

Should it be banned?

Child's eye view

It exposes how reprehensible Disney's depictions used to be and shows to me how this individual's judgement is skewed.

However, would it appear this way to a child?

Should we be taking this post down to protect innocent eyes.

I know that when I was young I saw the censored version.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Why when there is so much to say

Everything is blowing up around me.

Institutions that I thought were here to stay forever are shifting and disappearing in turn.

Yet I find that so much is happening that the words come far less easily.

So, apologies if this blog is more silent than it has been.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The votes are in

Boris has won the London mayoral race, again, but it was a tight run thing.

Boris Johnson gained a total of 1, 054, 811 votes, or 51. 5 per cent, to Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate's, 48.5 per cent in the race for mayor.

Those that went to the polls were still disappointingly low in number according to the BBC.

All those silent voices upset me, if you want them to represent you, you need to vote.

It is no surprise given the state of the country's finances and the levels of youth unemployment, but saddening none the less.

Labour now holds a majority in the assembly, having upped their vote by four seats, the Conservatives have lost two but still retain a sizable minority, the BNP have thankfully been ousted from the chamber - long may they be kept out of politics.

Let's see what forthcoming year's bring.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Voting for the London assembly

So, I've voted and you know what it felt good.

Not because I feel that it will make everything magically perfect, but because I'm saying I want to be part of something.

I want to be involved in what happens in my city.

It doesn't always mean that I'll have time to help with everything.

A wounded city

If I find myself in the middle of another riot I won't necessarily be there with a broom the next day to clear up all the mess.

But the fact that there has been rioting in the areas that I care about has concerned and saddened me and I want to vote for the people who I think also care.

Not the ones that think flinging accusations around and getting heavy handed is the answer, but the ones that recognise there is a serious problem that needs fixing.

Often I feel I am not a large enough part of the solution, but I want to help and that's a good start.


I also live in a country that seems wise enough to allow people a say in how their world is governed, I am privileged and I want to be a part of that process.

So if you live in London, this is your chance to say something in some small way about where you would like our future to develop.

You don't have to smash everything up.

Just put a few crosses in a few boxes.