Thursday, 25 July 2013

"I'm just a girl"

So I made a swipe at the Royal baby, I'm sorry.

Not because I am not still frustrated by the inequality that is being rubbed in my face.

But because of the cover of Elle and a comment from another woman.

Picking us apart

The first thing I clocked when I picked up this £4 glossy was one line.

Why you are still single.

My response, how dare you charge me to destroy me.

The woman trap

I seek to be a self-assured, kind and loving person, but honestly what chance do any of us have against all this rubbish.

10 ways to lose your pregnancy fat.

10 reasons guys don't like you.

10 reasons why you're really down by now.

I will never measure up

Just a thought: maybe it's all this self-esteem draining rubbish that you are throwing at me.

Then, on the same day a woman remarks on me looking good with: "You make me sick."

My inner voice wanted to scream at her that I wasn't as self assured as she thought.

Then I thought of Kate

This made me think of Ms Middleton, she may appear to have it all.

But she is being barraged by the same rubbish that seems to turn even the sanest and most amazing of women against each other.

So, I won't be sending flowers to this woman that I don't know, but I will wish her child the best of health and encourage her to eat as much chocolate as she pleases, until she feels like she wants to go to the gym. 


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