Monday, 22 July 2013

Shock, a baby!

So that woman, that famous royal pregnant one, well she's had a baby and it's a male heir.

The BBC of course are all over the affair.

Royal love in

There are levels of sycophantic behaviour that seem embarrassing for trained media professionals.

Births are great, but I can't help be irritated that this very rich very able woman is being raved about, as every day people are losing all they have to support their much less well-off families.

The country has no money, but let's have a media circus around a woman who will probably never be out of clothes and toys for a potential King of this beleaguered land.


My naughty muscle is thinking quietly, full moon on the night of the birth, werewolf in the making...

Now that would be a King to be in awe of, turns into a wolf once a month and goes raving round London in the style of An American Werewolf in London.

Sorry, that was my first thought when I clocked the moon.

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