Friday, 10 January 2014

Flooding? Get over it.

It's flooding, storming and hailing and so the government thought, let's cut the Environment Agency.

This piece of news from Unison suggests the beginning of a comedy sketch:

Council officer: "Flooding?

You might need the, oh no sorry, it's gone."

Member of the public: "What's gone?"

Council officer: "It's part of the Environment Agency, can't remember what it was called now, it would have been handy, probably..."

Member of the public: "Th-an-ks..."

Sorry, comedy is not my strong point, but this news is somewhat bordering on the absurd, don't you think?

I am watching the shores of this isle be buffeted beyond belief and they're cutting the agency whose job it is to handle this kind of emergency...

Words fail me.

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