Tuesday, 2 June 2015


So I caught up with a bit of random spy action recently.

Young south London kid gets trained to be a spy, lots of people very stereotypically posh and rough, as if there was no complexity to human character.

This film hardly blew me away.

Good points, bad points

It was quite paced, but it tended to rush its way through with no real plot intricacy.

I guess I feel plot intricacy is appropriate for a spy movie.

If you want something fun when you're tired though it could be a giggle and they do amazingly reference the vagina monologues.

Bit male dominated

This is a bit of a 'lads' film, I think, not much that made me laugh and some jokes that I found in poor taste.

Also a shot of a South London pub I know which is a bit of a winner and a fun sound track.

There are some touching moments though, maybe 5/10..?

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