Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Anti-privatisation fight

A small group of activists turned up today at the Department of Health building to present a petition from We Own It, another of the anti-privatisation groups.

The petition is currently 16,000 strong and is expected to grow.

The We Own It group deals with a number of anti-privatisation campaigns and has recently waded into the NHS campaigns, saying they had not acted in this area before due to a desire not to step on the toes of other activist groups.

The say they are looking to counter myths about the benefits privatisation is alleged to bring.

The size of the petition shows there is still significant feeling associated with the issue of health care privatisation, despite the hard fought NHS bill of the last coalition government.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Housing hopes

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly planning to build accommodation for his employees in a bid to counteract the Silicon Valley housing crisis.

Like London rents in Silicon Valley are spiralling making it more and more challenging to balance work with rents.

Zuckerburg's plans underline the importance of housing for business success.

As the London mayor roles out his plans for so-called affordable housing in the capital, it is well to remember a city stands and falls on its population.

The rub

You can offer all the perks in the world to public servants and business people alike and it will flounder if you can not provide affordable local housing.

In order for business to thrive you need an affordable city.

If all a workers pay is spent on rent there is no spare cash to spend in local businesses and the service sector.

Resulting not only in an unhappy work force, but in a sluggish tertiary economy.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Weaving beauty

If you haven't got down to the Chris Ofili at the National Gallery I would highly recommend it.

Made famous by his Turner Prize win in 2003 with a painting made of Elephant dung, his latest offering is a commission by the Clothworkers' Company.

A beautiful water colour by Ofili has been painstakingly transformed into a huge woven piece of breathtaking serenity.

The cool of the main room adds to the feeling of peace and beauty that the piece evokes.

The exhibit is free and well worth the time, even if you are not normally a lover of this form of art.

Take the time to stand and marvel.