Sunday, 21 October 2007


I used to be a fan of Morrisons.

You could get cheap food of decent quality, it was perfect for the student on a budget.

However their recent spate of advertising is starting to irritate me.

Celebrity wanders through fields or past fish trawlers making demands about what they want for a shop and then you are at the end surprised to learn that this high quality shop is Morrisons.

They haven't grated on me until this recent one about bread.

I can't remember the celebrity, otherwise I'd probably dislike them as well, goes around making their demands on bread - all well and good so far...

Then they finish off by saying that Morrisons supply fresh bread on the premises and that, and this is the thing, you used to see that on every street corner.

Of course you used to see it on every high street.

That was back in the days before Supermarkets, like Morrisons, priced them out of the market and changed the modern high street forever.

I can still remember having a fish mongers, butchers, bakery and a proper green grocers.

Now all that has gone.

Thanks Morrisons!

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