Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Starting again with furry friends

I'm returning to the world of blogging after several months away and I'm going to try and reach a wider audience this time - don't ask me how I'm still working on that one.

So, a bit about me...

Well I like to think of myself as a Socialist, but not a hard core one. I don't go on enough marches or read The Socialist Worker enough.

I also like to think of myself as a Journalist, I'm training to become a Journalist as I type.

I have two younger brothers and a set of parents who are still together.

I still live at home so I can't tell you about any mad cap house mates.


All is not well in the Morgan household.


We have mice.

We have mice and they won't go away.

We used to have a cat and no mice, but he died and my Mum refuses to get a new one despite the mice.

Now is not the time to start telling me about those clever electronic devices that apparently repel mice.

They don't work.

We have loads in the house and I am still kept up at night by the scurrying in my bedroom.

1 comment:

Richard Brennan said...

Have you tried putting cat litter down?

According to one of my friends, mice smell the litter and assume there is a cat nearby