Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Bored of Amy

So Amy Winehouse has cancelled all of her concerts and appearances for the rest of the year on doctor's orders.

To be honest at this point I really couldn't care less.

The first of Miss Winehouse's songs failed to capture my imagination and I lumped her in with the other art school brats that litter the pop charts.

Then she came back with Back to Black.

I found myself tapping my foot and humming along to her tunes.

They a classic blues vibed that was quite infectious.

So I began to really like Amy.

Then she began to appear in practically all of the free sheets practically all of the time.

She was on drugs, she drank to much, she was having troubles with her man...

No more the vague dismissiveness, I began to loathe the site of her beehive.

Hopefully with the cancelled concerts she won't even leave her house and I'll finally have a rest.


shem said...

Then why write on it?

Sarah Morgan said...

A rant is good for the soul Shem.