Monday, 5 November 2007

International readers

I was really excited when I got my first reader from India, I'm guessing they were attracted by my post on Bride and Prejudice - though maybe not, I don't want to stereotype this person.

I wanted to attract more readers from far flung places, so I was delighted when I had a reader show up on the west coast of America - my geographies bad so I don't know what state that is.

Then I got a blob turn up what looks like it might be Luxembourg.

But now I'm addicted, I want to have readers all around the globe and more than just one in each place.

My egomania knows no bounds, but I don't know what these precious international readers came to look at so I've no idea what I should be focussing on to encourage more of them to read.

So if you're from anywhere outside England then leave a comment, let me know what you're reading and I'll try to write more and not just go on boring rants about my burgeoning international readership.

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Pete said...

If you're interested in where your readers are coming from you should get Google analytics, it's really good and really easy to install. And free! It can tell you a worrying amount of detail on where your visitors come from especially, I think you'd like it.