Friday, 16 November 2007

Jo Brand up Trinny's skirt...

I had quite a lazy day yesterday I did some bits and pieces but not nearly enough so I'm going to have a full weekend.

As a result of this lazy day I was settled in front of the television for a lot of the evening.

In the ad break there was a trailer for Graham Norton, which I haven't watched in ages.

The trailer showed Jo Brand with her hands up Trinny's, as in Trinny and Susannah, skirt.

I was intrigued.

So for the first time in a long time I settled down to watch Graham Norton, I've never been a great fan.

Sure enough Trinny and Susanna start fondling Jo's boobs, so Jo - quite sensibly I think - runs away and Trinny gives chase, so Jo retalitates the only way she can and sticks her hands up Trinny's skirt.

Simple really.

But very funny.

It got me wondering what I'd do and how I'd react if someone started fondling my boobs.

Would I laugh assuredly and make some witty remark - probably not I'm not great at witty remarks, not 100% of the time anyway.

Would I come over all shy and coy and get all giggly - probably not, I'm quite brazen when my body is concerned.

Would I retaliate in some way - probably, but possibly with not as much comedy value as Jo Brand.

All I can say is yah Jo!

I also watched the first in the new series of The Mighty Boosh last night.

I really enjoyed the last series, though me being me I didn't see all of it.

It's patchy, but when it's funny it's very funny.

It was suitably surreal, as anyone who watches The Boosh will expect it to be, and I ended my evening very satisfied as far as comedy was concerned.

Eels, eels, eels.

Eels up inside ya!

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