Sunday, 11 November 2007

Just because I read a broadsheet doesn't mean I'm loaded

I'm getting frustrated with the weekend pages of The Guardian.

There are too many features that seem to assume that I have loads of money to fritter away.

There's a readers offer on emeralds and diamonds, ok they're only £180 - I can only guess this is cheap for such things, but that really isn't money I can spare

The fashion section are featuring £15 rings, one of them's even £160, I consider £5 on a ring to be a bit of an extravagence.

And they can be decidedly snooty about the cheaper hotels on offer if you manage to scrape together the money to actually go on holiday.

I know I read a broadsheet and that I'm willing to pay sixty pence more for my news than readers of The Sun but this hardly means I have an endless supply of dosh.

It would be nice if just once I saw something on lower range goods in the fashion and how to survive on a budget.

Can you tell that I'm feeling distinctly broke at the moment?

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