Saturday, 17 November 2007

Language of Prairie Dogs

I crept out onto the streets of London last night with no money on the understanding that some friends were having a gig at The Premises Studios which was completely free.

I didn't realise before I got there that this was actually a proper music studio, I thought it was just another small venue event.

So I turned up at this tiny little cafe bar next to the Mecca Bingo (classy) and found myself wondering: how in the hell are they going to fit a band in here.

Plus there was no sign of anyone, I knew I was early but I expected the band to be there at least.

So I asked a waitress: "Am I in the right place, I've come to see a gig."

She nodds, "In the studios." she points towards what I'd thought was the toilets (it does have the sign for them).

As I make towards the door she asks archly "what band have you come to see?"

I'm glad I checked the name in the afternoon: "The Language of Prarie Dogs..?"

She nodds and I head through the door.

I am faced with a labyrinth of corridors I make my way towards noise, but I find that noise is coming from lots of the studios.

I text Matt.

As it turns out I've managed to position myself outside exactly the right door.

So here I am, watching the Language of Prairie Dogs rehearse.

I get to contribute my thoughts to the level of the bass and vocals.

By nine pretty much everyone has turned up, but they're still faffing about going out to buy beer and such.

I didn't really know what to expect.

I've seen Dean (the singer) perform on his own before and quite enjoyed it.

But the Prairie Dogs...

So I was very satisfied with what followed.

All Dean's songs which I know already but with a beefed up sound thanks to drums and bass.

Quite a nice evenings entertainment.

I'd reccommmend it.

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