Monday, 26 November 2007

Secret service goes pop.

I have recently been slightly perturbed by the adverts to be an MI5 surveillance officer on the radio.

It could be worse the advert could run: "Like nosing around in other people's business, then come and join our team."

But it unsettles me none the less.

Then I read in the paper today that MI6 are hoping to recruit Radio 1 listeners, by having some of their officers appear on the radio station talking about their jobs.

I think I preferred it when it was a case of being quietly pulled aside at University, not that I would know I've just heard about it.

In fact someone from my University apparently did get pulled aside, but I'm a bit dubious about this information as if this was the case then why did she tell anyone.

The idea of spies discussing their careers in between Britney Spears and Chris Moyles is just too strange.

Though it may make me listen to Radio 1, just out of pure curiosity.

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