Thursday, 8 November 2007

What to do when the MOD just isn't exciting enough.

Lord Drayson, previously the minister for defence, has given up his job to drive fast cars.

At 47 Lord Drayson is standing down to persue his dream of winning the Le Mans 24-hour motor race.

This doesn't entirely surprise me, the MOD I would imagine would attract macho types who like fast cars.

Being at the centre of government clearly isn't all that when it comes to excitement.

This does surprise me.

Buying arms for a living that are actually used to kill people...

What a rush: to know that you are making history as you perpetuate the mess of an illegal war.

Is driving fast cars really better?

Or maybe you were starting to feeling guilty Paul, better to risk your own life than be a part in taking others'.

1 comment:

Pete said...

Oh come on, he's not really leaving just to do that, they're not telling us the real reason! It's like 'wanting to spend more time with your family', but different. Maybe he hasn't got a family..!