Saturday, 24 November 2007

When feminism conflicts with your social life...

I had a reclaim the night march invitation wafted under my nose recently.

To sum it up quickly the reclaim the night march is an annual march against rape and male violence.

I haven't done anything particularly active since a very small pro choice march many months ago, so I thought great a fantastic opportunity to get active again.

Then it got complicated: a friend of mine invited me to her clothes show and another friend invited me to a house warming.

This meant my evening was completely booked up.

So much for direct action, but isn't supporting your friends and being sociable important too.

It didn't make me feel much better when I read an article in the G2 from yesterday about the impeding march bemoaning the laziness of today's feminists.

Oh well I'll just have to live with the guilt and make firm plans to go next year and hope my social life doesn't conflict again.

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