Monday, 10 December 2007

Are you a paedophobe?

Finally a think tank that has thought some sense!

The Institute for Public Policy Research have suggested that we rethink ASBOs.

They are concerned that we are becoming a nation of Paedophobics - afraid of our young people.

The ASBO culture has been concerning me for a while.

I have two younger brothers and they have a friend that is frequently round our house who is in his teens.

And yes he's a bit of a tear away, but he's got better.

And you know what?

He's got better on his own, no one had to smack an ASBO on him he simply grew up.

But even at his worst he wasn't really dangerous.

Yet he's just the kind of kid I can see being slapped by an ASBO because he's gobby and troublesome.

My own brother has twice fallen victim of the trap of not looking 'desirable'.

He's been chucked out of Woolworths because he looked like he might, might, shoplift.

My brother has never shoplifted in his life.

On another occasion he was searched at the tube station.

Now he doesn't like going to Woolworths and has a suspicious view of the police.

Nice move there authority types.

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