Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas viewing

There is something about Christmas that makes me suspend my gag reflex.

I've been watching endless amounts of Christmas movies (ok one of them was Die Hard) and I'll probably be watching more.

Now while I can stifle the sickness invoked by the very forced heart warmingness I find the moralising a bit much.

Perhaps it's because I'm feeling a bit vulnerable at Christmas.

All the Oxfam ads and charity appeals is making me question my own lack of scroogeness.

Apart from Christmas cards I haven't bought any ethical or charity gifts, despite doing an article on them.

One of my friends is buying nothing but charity gifts this year, but I will gladly bow out and say she is a better person than me.

But does that leave me being good enough I wonder...

Well if I get a visit from my dead gran and three spirits I guess I'll know for sure.

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