Monday, 3 December 2007

The Daily Mail would, but Oxbridge wouldn't.

After the revelation that the Daily Mail will be sponsoring a city academy, Oxford and Cambridge have come out and said that they won't be sponsoring any.

So you can have your children educated thanks to a right wing publication, but not to one of, reputably, the greatest universities in the country.

University College London, Liverpool, Brunel, London City University, Imperial and Manchester University are all willing to invest in future University students.

However Oxford and Cambridge have got cold feet.

They are worried what will happen if the school fails.

So let me get this straight they can educate students to an extremely high standard, but they are worried that they won't be able to run a school..?

Are they admitting that running a school is harder than running a University?

Their official line is that they want to continue to play a national role, but surely it helps the nation to have more good schools.

So maybe it just proves that these other Universities are willing to put their reputation on the line, the old guard are just too chicken.

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