Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Standon Calling

For the first time in literally years I got myself off to a proper (as opposed to a one or two dayer) festival, with tried and tested festival buddies.

The festival in question was Standon Calling.

On arrival at the station there were some initial concerns that the shuttle bus was the people carrier sitting outside the station, but to our relief it turned out to be a taxi.

The first shock on arriving to the festival was just how small the festival was.

I've never before been to a paid for festival so tiny.

In fact, Rise, which is a free one day music and anti-racism (screw you Boris) in London is easily twice the size!

The second slightly unwelcome surprise was how carefully they were searching for booze.

We found space to pitch our tents, after half pitching them somewhere else and then changing our minds.

Then we pottered off to find some music.

The range of music on offer during the day and early evening was really good, but the sets were often disappointingly short and there were quite a few "double-barreled arse holes on coke" in attendance as one sign proclaimed.

Our merry band kept things fun, but Standon is no Glastonbury, so if you go make sure you're with your best mates.

The dress up day on the Saturday is good fun, there were some really nice efforts: the wasabi pea man, the kamikaze pilots complete with planes and the ninjas - the theme if you hadn't guessed was Japanese.

The food options were lovely, however not great for the skint as there are really no cheap dodgy burger or chips options.

So bring your own food if you're hard up.

There was a lovely little funky tent that played DJ sets in the day and a voluntary contribution one hour yoga session at 12.

Favourite bands of the event were: Florence and the Machine, Los Campensinos, They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them, Johnny Flynn and of course the beautiful indomitable Super Furry Animals.

Johnny Flynn I watched on my own on the Sunday, as no one else felt like braving the rain, it was worth it.

The sun came out for Los Campensinos and after them the Furries who were painfully short but threw us lots of carrots to eat...

Mmm carrots...

Then on a gloriously sunny Monday we packed up and went home.

And one last thing, for those of you that hate festival loos the Standon one's were practically luxurious.

Think mirrors, think animal pictures, think soap and hand cream.

Ok the taps stopped working quite quick, but any regular festival goer would revel in them.

There is something to be said for going to a Toffee festival.

Oh and they even have special recycling bins.