Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bankrupt yourself going to university...

The chancellor of Oxford University, Lord Patten, thinks the cap on fees should be lifted.

He's arguing that if people are willing to pay exorbitant amount on private education then universities, especially his university, should be allowed to charge more.

In my mind what he is asking that we have an even more privatised higher education system.

I'd rather see the government put more money into higher education than see Oxford lumber its students with even greater debts.

He acknowledges that this is "deeply controversial".

No shit.

Sure there are those from upper middle class backgrounds that plough thousands into their primary and secondary education.

But what about those that can't afford that but aren't poor enough to qualify for a grant?

People will start only going to university if they envisage themselves having jet setter lifestyles in the future.

What about those who want a good education but then want to go on and teach or police the streets.

Not everyone wants to be a manager, that doesn't mean they don't want to be well educated if they are capable of it.

Education in itself is precious that doesn't mean it should be personally expensive.