Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Since when did being fat make you a bad parent?

You're too fat to adopt, Damien Hall has been told.

This news story appalled me.

I would be the first to agree that parents that adopt should be vetted, so children aren't moved from one unstable situation to another.

But just how dangerous is a fat Dad!

I know we are living in the midst of an obesity crisis, but given the chance wouldn't a child prefer to have a parent that may feed them a few too many calories than no parent at all!

In the instance of the Halls it is only Mr. Hall that has been deemed to be too heavy, suggesting that his problems with his weight may not simply down to the food he consumes.

Social services wouldn't take a child away from their parents if their parents were overweight, because that doesn't make them unfit to bring up their child.

So why shouldn't they be allowed to adopt a child that isn't theirs.

I know there are far more terrible things going on in the world, but I feel this one that mere reason can change.