Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Mystery of Polly Tommey

I missed the last tube on Saturday and found myself bussing it back to South London.

On the way I encountered a strange advert, in the form of a letter written to Gordon Brown to say that they could save the PM £508m a year.

It was signed by Polly Tommey.

I'm a curious soul, so finding myself with some free time today I googled the woman in question.

I discovered that the poster campaign had made it into a clutch of local papers.

Polly thinks that she can save the government all this money by getting more autistic people into work.

Her poster campaign is certainly effective, because it caught my attention and I spend my life ignoring or getting annyoed at adverts and this one genuinely made me curious.

I wish her well.

So long as she isn't wishing to railroad people into jobs that essentially they are unable to do.