Sunday, 19 April 2009

In the Loop

Time to learn to breath through your laughter, else you aren’t going to get through this film alive.

I haven’t laughed this much since Jacqui Smith’s husband was revealed as getting porn courtesy of the tax payer.

In The Loop is a spin off film from The Thick Of It, the successful BBC drama about the modern political system, and includes a lot of the same actors found in its TV forerunner.

The story is based around the American and British political manoeuvrings and blunderings surrounding a possible war in an unspecified country.

I don’t know where they get their ideas from…

In the Loop is a brilliant mix of intelligent and base humour.

So neither so far up it’s own arse that it loses its audience, nor so puerile as to be dismissed by an audience with some brain cells going spare.

Equally you don’t need to be an avid politico to follow it, but familiarity with the political game does add to your appreciation of the story that unfolds.

Peter Capaldi is brilliant as Malcolm Tucker, the policy co-ordinator who rules his minister with an iron fist.

The sheer pace and imagination of his insults are amazing enough in themselves without the dedication of a solid performance of pure venom.

The rest of the cast put in equally sterling performances, as this is a true ensemble piece, backed up by excellent writing.

There isn’t a weak moment and the actors make all the action seem frighteningly believable in the midst of pure political farce.

This isn’t the kind of film where you can leave your brain at the door, so if you want an easy life affirming comedy steer well clear.

If you want a comedy with a little less of the Adam Sandler touch and a crate more witty bite then you’ll come out ready to buy it on DVD.