Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sound of Rum and Kid Carpet

Kate Tempest, Sound of Rum’s lead singer, brought a positive energy to the stage as she hit it meaning her call to draw in the audience was readily obeyed.

Those who regularly attend gigs of fledgling bands and the not-quite-so-famous will be familiar with how often this call is met with icy stares and resolute ‘coolness’.

This isn’t a well researched notational review, this is very much a spin from my opinion.

So I was caught up by a truly poetic lyricist who shouts out her calls of messed friendship and a life manifesto.

Ferry (drums) and Archie (guitar) provided a tight and proficient understated backing, which should be complimented in its ability to stay far enough in the background to let Kate’s lyrics through and yet remain strong enough musically to make this a professional and fresh performance.

There were no egotistical twirls from any quarter; a vibe of assured positivity; and a groundedness that made these kids appear mature beyond their ages.

Kid carpet by contrast brought a much more knowing irony and jaded comedy to the stage.

More hilarity than musical prowess, but great fun for it.

“We built this city…” on slav-er-y, indeed.

Musical stand up with the florish of Bill Bailey and more young brash sarcasm.