Sunday, 29 April 2012

Just read

An Arab woman's blues, my heart fell further.

Decision time again London

London goes to the polls on thursday to decide on the mayor and the london assembly.

I have never felt so negative about a vote.

I am not fired up, I don't feel that I am going to be able to change anything.

I feel flat.

Maybe it's because despite his idiocy I feel that Boris Johnson will win again.

When he got in I was crest fallen to say the least, even though part of me expected it.

Now with two far right candidates standing and conversations of apathy all around me I fear that nothing will ever get better.

We will present our city to the world with a man that I despise and for whom I have no respect.

I think I know who I will vote for, but I've given up trying to persuade anyone.

Everyone seems to like living in this inequitable, money obsessed and dehumanising city with a man that wants the congestion charge to shrink by the second and has the nerve to use language you don't even hear in BNP party political messages.

London I love you, Boris I hate you, please vote.

Politics is not a dirty word.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

John Wean rock

I know this comes a little from the left field, but I love these guys.

I love that it's simple, Scottish and sensitive.

Of course, the men in my life don't agree.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oi, Titanic, no!

If I am to cast my mind back over many years I can visualise myself in a Putney cinema slowly developing pins and needles watching a very long film.

That film was Titanic.

And, joy of joys they are bringing it out again and inviting me to part with my cash to watch the whole thing again in the cinema.

There may be those who are delighted at this opportunity and I shouldn't begrudge them their joy.

Easy money

Apart from I can't help but feel that this is a money making ploy by a major studio.

Lacking in any sure fire blockbusters?

Re-make an old blockbuster, but oh no wait we could just re-release a film that has already had it's time at the cinema and make loads of money with no effort, result.

Maybe it serves me right for just going and getting so old that a film that I watched in my youth is now considered retro, or whatever.

Where has creativity gone

I love going to the cinema.

I love watching films.

But I mainly love it because it offers a new story, a new proxy adventure, some new artwork.

Only at my most moody am I watching and re-watching old classics.

When it comes to Titanic I didn't feel it was a classic when I first watched it and I had no burning desire to watch it again, I just wanted to get out of the cinema to pace up and down and work the cramp out of my leg.

If you've never been before, then sure, go along.

But all I'm promising you is your leg potentially siezing up.