Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bartlett beautiful Beethoven

The proms are coming.

And with them the Royal Albert Hall is beginning to bubble with Bach.

In serioousness, I was looking for classical music to settle my mind after a stay in hospital.

Affordable morning

What I found was a coffee morning with Martin James Bartlett.

For the modest sum of £11 his piano peformance, coffee and a pastry were delivered.

Well I say delivered, thanks to a bad night I only just made it in time for the music, so no coffee or pastry for me or my far more punctual friend (bargain anyway).

Brimming with Bartlett

I can only applaud the performance, musically I can describe it only as flawless.

And this is coming from a girl lacking good sleep and the presence of mind of turning up on time; normally my forte.

All of the chosen pieces were brilliant and, to my grade four ears, sounded technically difficult.

A word of warning

This young man is a multi-instrumentalist and young, which means he has perhaps a penchant for extra physical flourishes.

But I refer you to my relative amateurness musically.

Last words: Bartlett, beautiful.

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