Thursday, 4 July 2013

Protesting for BBC health balance

A demonstration outside the BBC building today called for more balanced reporting of health matters.

Protesters began to assemble at 11am outside the BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place.

The group did not amass to a large number, but three of the protesters entered the building to give a letter of complaint to the BBC.

They continued to hand out leaflets highlighting two areas of news that they felt the BBC had failed to report.

One that on Monday the 24th of June the British Medical Association passed an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

They also complained that on the 10th of January 2012 two Oncology Consultants Clive Peedell and David Williams ran six marathons in six days from Aneurin Bevan's Statue in Cardiff to 10 Downing Street to present a petition to request the withdrawal of the controversial Health and Social Care Bill 2012.

The protest was part of an ongoing campaign by Keep Our NHS Public against what they view a the gradual privatization of the health service.

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