Tuesday, 20 August 2013

No, I don't want your number...

I got a little bit of unwanted attention walking to my yoga class.

"Hey there baby girl."

I kept on walking.

"What you're not going to even talk to me."

Only in my mind

Internally: "No, you jerk, you appear to have mistaken me with an infant.

Trust me, they drool more."

It put me in mind of the 90s classic No Scrubs.

More than the money

This TLC goldmine has been criticized for being too materialistic.

However, I think that it is just this sort of encounter to which they are referring.

I really don't care if this was a secret millionaire or the owner of The Times, it was the manner of his approach that annoyed me.

I'm a grown woman

I am not a child.

I am not a cute play thing.

I have a name and I like to be treated with respect.

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