Sunday, 25 August 2013

Time for a Sulk

The Savage Nomads were supporting Sulk at a gig at The Garage.

It was nice to see them playing so tightly together.

Cole's stage presence has improved immeasurably and his singing also seems to have got better.

Low points

The friend I was with commented that the band should work on their image, personally it doesn't bother me, but it seemed to concern her.

And I was frustrated by the sound quality of the venue.

Brand new

They have a new song: 40 degree day.

The pulsing rhythm works well under a contrasting high pitch vocal.

A new favourite I think.

Sloppy seconds?

They were followed by the headliner, whose opening bars instantly left me bored and uninspired.

I was anticipating a bit of a painful experience as they waded through trying to be Suede, The Stone Roses and The Charatans when the originals were clearly so much better.

Turn around

It got better, but it wasn't until Sidewinder that they really came into their own and presented some original and surprisingly very good songs.

I think the The Savage Nomads win for being the least derivative, but Sulk could come into their own a bit more when they stop aping their idols.

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