Friday, 15 April 2016

Wonderful Wonderland and rollicking Rumpus

I was beginning to feel like an ageing hermit when I was invited to Wonderland this year.

This event has taken a turn for the better, with a collection of music to keep you on your feet almost permanently.

A mixture of old school classics and interesting new arrivals made for a varied event to suit eclectic tastes and committed dancers.

This event also featured a glitter shower, oodles of fun for getting you in the party mood.

I couldn't recommend this event enough for getting your groove on.


Wonderland DJs also featured at Rumpus, an event on shortly after, on April Fool's day.

This event was even more flamboyant in terms of party gear and decor.

Space was allowed for people to paint their face, select clothes and have their fortunes told.

It felt like a maze of different musical oddities and hosted an impressive set of live bands with sparkling energy and tight performances.

If you're looking for an extraordinary night out then this may well be it.