Friday, 19 August 2016

Inspiration from athletes

The olympics proved to be a stunning affair of personal achievement and peaceful competition.

Though from here watching it I found myself really conflicted.

I was lucky enough to see Brazil on the ground and indeed it is an awe inspiring country if only in size alone.

It struck me when the athletes left for glory that they were performing in front of some that couldn't even afford the air fair, which I suppose is similar to me at the moment.

However, the inequity in Brazil, though improving, still remains great despite monumental effort.

Unlike during the World Cup little has been said on this point, possibly because the BBC is no longer as well resourced as it once was or maybe they don't think it's important.

Yet hearing that some of the US team had made seemingly false accusations there shamed my heart despite not being an American myself.

As yet I have not heard a public apology, which in this case might be warranted unless this story has been overblown.

They represent America at times like this and in such a moment should show the best of their country and not the worst, especially as the Brazilians are collectively hosting them despite whatever difficulties they may be facing.

They are not flown there to conquor but to inspire.

If they're motives are different then perhaps they should have stayed home.