Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A three man job

Everyone's used to ticket inspectors, there have even been fights about ticket inspection cuts.

What I'm not so used to is seeing a police escort.

Two policeman, one ticket inspector.

Your address please sir

I have paid for my ticket, the guy behind me hasn't though.

Apparently it is also ok to ask for his personal details to chase down what is currently less than £2.

It is not uncommon for a ticket inspector to ask for details like this on a train, not so much on a bus.

But a police escort, I swear this is the first ever time I have seen them accompanied like this.

Policy, move along

Yet I call TfL and they assure me it's been happening for years, though they can't tell me exactly when it started.

There have been reported physical attacks on ticket inspectors, but largely I've seen them deal with it themselves, even really tricky people.

This was even after riots and terrorist attacks in the London area.

Only the guy they're taking details from hasn't even been aggressive, he's just sticking up for himself, as he claims he's paid anyway and as far as I can tell gives said details.

Wise resourcing?

Just to remind you, he is handing these details over for allegedly failing to pay less than £2.

And there are not a lack of seats on the bus either, so he isn't taking up someone else's seat on the bus.

So that is the man hours of three people, to chase down under £2.

I understand ticket inspection isn't the cushiest of jobs, but I largely see them go about their business unscathed.

I did enquire from TfL if it was a response to something, but they claim this, which I have never seen before, is common practice.

I apologize this has become so Gonzo.