Thursday, 15 February 2018

Folk in the south

Follow The Lost Cavalry around venues and it seems you unearth musical delights.

A Valentine’s event last night brought a number of folk acts together to folk about.

Salt Moon

This three piece combine cello, double bass and electric guitar with a female singer.

The style is occasionally reminiscent of Fairport Convention.

The songs tend to the tongue in cheek and melancholy, even when ‘love songs’, the vocal itself unquestionably strong for the style.

The Lost Cavalry

Again they performed well.

The arrangement is creative without being sloppy and the vocal performance really is hard to match.

Some of the songs tone have hints of Kurt Cobain, unusual for a lead singer who often sings beyond the rafters.

Patch and the Giant

These guys were the last to perform and a real treat.

They will be playing in Brighton tonight at ‘The Folk Room’, afraid all the details I have.

You will be treated to layered folk styles, unexpected brass and a haunting melancholy.

I would urge you to check them out in Brighton if you are free.

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