Thursday, 27 September 2012

The beauty of ugliness

This is quite lovely.

Frighteningly hypnotic, but lovely.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Shocking pictures of royalty

Er, these pictures of Miss Kate Middleton...

I haven't seen them.

Probably because:

The Sun said they were "grossly intrusive pictures that no decent British paper would touch with a bargepole". (Drawn from

A little strange that the paper happy to print ladies with bare breasts on the third page, every day, should say this.


I guess I should start reading all the papers and pondering and purring and pronouncing more regularly, but no one gives a damn anyway, so...

The idea of intrusion is a weird one.

I've just been listening to Ian Hislop on the radio talking about privacy.

I think he thinks that privacy is only there for the powerful and having read some law text books on the subject and the costs involved I think he might well be right.

Protecting everyone

However, protecting them does in some small way also protect us, because it gives rise to a cultural conversation.

Asking whether people should have been taking these pictures of Kate Middleton and whether other people should have subsequently printed them does I think make us look at our own moral values and how we treat people that don't have the money to sue us.

We should be asking these questions and we should be thinking about it.

I still don't think that we should be naming and shaming people for anti-social behaviour when that definition seems to touch upon behaviour that I just don't think are anti-social.

Big leap I know, but worth thinking about.