Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A sad day in Trafalgar Square

I have a notebook full of notes about what happened today on Jo Cox's black birthday.

The fact that the square filled to capacity to commemorate this woman's death on the day of her birth is cause for hope, yet there was little to raise a smile.

A number of multi faith representatives were present, but did not speak.

It was Mariella Frostrup that mainly led proceedings.

Some heartening words were spoken by many of her family though right now I feel too sad to try and transcribe them, I may amend it later.

The pensioner that tried to save Jo's life is recovering his health, while she is being mourned by half the world it seems.

She stood for something

It was said that the values that she stood for were justice, equality and inclusion.

Yet there is nothing just about the murder of someone that has the bravery to stand and be elected to represent many.

This woman was no Hitler, she deserved to live a full and rich life.

Four music acts performed: a folk band called Diddly Dee who knew Jo, Lilly Allen one of her favourite performers and two choirs, one singing a song from Les Misérables and one of children.

And a poem was read: I will stand for love.

Malala also spoke.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why not officer?

I happened to be in town recently and saw police tape cordoning off some of Oxford Street.

I beckon over one of the policemen to ask what had happened.

An incident.

What kind of incident?

I can't tell you.

Why not?

It's private.

Will it be going to court?

I can't tell you at this stage.


Now this all seems very innocent, but I'm stood there thinking: Why am I allowed so little information?

After all it happened in a public place.

Someone may have got hurt and I'm not even allowed to what kind of incident it was.

I mean I'm not asking who and I already know the where.

But I'm not allowed to know what kind of incident happened in my own city that has drawn police attention.

Is this all lies?

This piece is paraphrased from memory, they are not exact quotes.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Think Trump, think Enoch

It was with great sadness that I wrote my last post, but as I realised that some people might not have the true context of what I was trying to convey I will be more elaborate.

If you're currently following the US elections, think of Enoch like Trump.

A fear monger.


A man who saw any Britain that accepted too many people from abroad being instantly ruined and swept with unimaginable violence.

He really did use the words "rivers of blood", a term that Thatcher was later to echo in a speech many years later, despite the rivers never appearing.

He tried to whip up racial tension at a time when London was struggling and to capitalize on the pain that British people were feeling to win votes for an insular nation.

Why the hump?

His picture has been used in the campaign by the Brexiters, which immediately made me view the whole thing extremely darkly.

This man was not celebrated by broad minded people.

He was stirring up fear and frenzy among good hard working people.

Hence the comparison to Trump.